Monday, December 1, 2008

Lord Vader - Your Watch is Ready.

If Darth Vader had to wear a watch, what would it be? I would guess that it would have to be large, to fit over those huge mitts of his. It would have to stand up to a lot of abuse (duh!) and ultimately it would have to be black. Not just a few black accents but all black. (He is a Sith Lord, you know) With all the selections out there right now, Young Anakin would be have quite the selection to choose from.

Hublot Big Bang Black Magic - The Hublot Big Bang ‘Black Magic’ makes a dark yet bold statement with its 44.5 mm diameter black ceramic case, alternating between polished and brushed finishes. The bezel, also in black ceramic, carries 6 ‘H’-shaped screws. Looking at it from the side, you will see it's Kevlar insert, which makes it look as if the rubber bracelet passes directly through the body of the watch. $12,500

Panerai Radiomir 292 - The Panerai Radimoir Black Seal Ceramic 292 is not only one of the most coveted in the Panerai catalog but also one of the darkest. It was introduced at SIHH 2007. The striking Radiomir 45mm ceramic case and its patented wire strap lugs create a sporty look with it's black calf skin strap. The minimalist dial and it's luminescent numerals and indicies sit on a dark black background with "maille" sub accent above the '6'. Panerai produced 1000 of these watches and of course all of them sold out immediately. $8000. - $20,000.

Audemars Piguet "End of Days" - The Audemars Piguet End of Days is a limited edition version of the Royal Oak Offshore, made to order for Arnold Schwartzeneger for the movie of the same name. It's 44mm PVD case and distinct yellow hands and military strap, the End of Days (or EOD) is quite celebrated and can be found selling for over $40,000 for good examples.The flat screws on the bezel keep in tune to the Royal Oak heritage. The EOD's subdials sit on a waffle face. They will help you keep time to the second. (good for keeping track of those pesky Rebels) They were limited to 500 units and as you can imagine are as scarce as hen's teeth. $18,000 - $60,000.

There are many more out there that would fit as Darths's daily wearer. Some of them might even be readily available for us - lesser than evils.


ticker said...

That Hublot is one nice looking watch, shame its so expensive :(
For something a little more affordable I'd have a look at