Thursday, January 29, 2009

Glashutte PanoTourbillon XL on

So I was perusing this great new website, It is sort of like a rich man's version of Craigslist. It really has some of the most unique (expensive!) toys I have ever seen in one place. The best part, all of them are for sale.

Take for instance this stunning Glashutte Pano Tourbillon XL This is a new version of the most complicated watch movement equipped with minute tourbillon by Glashutte Original. The dial of the watch is divided into two parts: the upper one is silver and shows the tourbillon indications; the lower one is galvanized and contains the dial with minute and hour hands and two arc scales of date indicator and mainspring winding indicator. The tourbillon, the most demanding of all complications, was perfected by Glashutte master watchmaker Alfred Helwig. In a so-called “Flying Tourbillon”, the balance, pallets, and escapement wheel are located in a cantilevered carriage.

The case is a 42mm round design in 18k white gold. The case back is a sapphire exhibition crystal that exposes the spokes of the balance wheel and other components. An alligator leather strap with 18k buckle pulls it all together.

The list price for this piece is usually close to the $115,000. USD mark but you can have the one on JamesList for the bargain price of $99,000. USD. Check out the listing here and feel free to make an offer.


Taylor Blue said...

I love watches..the bigger the face the better...and this one is good!

G said...

Wow that is nice. It reminds me of the gyrotourbillion from Jaeger, at least in the layout of the watch. I have to check this Jameslist out, sounds really cool. Another great blog post!

Steven Grande said...

If I start saving now, I figured that I would be able to afford this watch in 166 yrs. NICE!!!!

Perpetuelle said...

Good - nice!

I am a huge GO fan, but this is one of those watches that is juuuust a bit outside my preferred price range :-)di

Michael Goldstein of Perrelet said...

I agree with G that it reminds me of the gyrotourbillion from Jaeger. I do like the large face but I have to be bias and say our watches (Perrelet) Tourbillon collection is better. But again I am biased but this comes in a close second as being exquisite.

Swiss Mann said...

@Taylor, I agree the bigger the face the better. I love watches!