Sunday, January 25, 2009

Watchmaker Bedat & Co seems to be closing up shop!

The down economy and soft luxury market has seemed to affect, yet another watch company. Bedat & Co. which started in 1996 will close its doors and cease operations soon, according to multiple industry sources. The luxury watch maker had a number of interesting watches for both men and women, such as favorites like the No.3, No. 7, and No. 8.

Bedat & Co. was founded by Simone Bedat who branched off after being a business partner of Raymond Weil. Bedat & Co could be found in large retailers as well as luxury boutiques. Bedat & Co. was purchased by Gucci in 2000, which means
that its closure might be a preemptive financial security measure taken by Gucci in anticipation of harder times ahead for the luxury group of brands.

At this time there is no specific date for Bedat & Co. to close up shop, or indication of whether it has filed for bankruptcy. Though, several sources indicate that we will be seeing the end of Bedat & Co. soon. It is a shame, and the worst part is that we never know what brand will kick the bucket next.


G said...

THis has a lot to do with the economic problems that are all over the place right now but it also has to with some very strange choices but Bedat. The pretty much did a hostile takeover of the company and kicked madam Bedat and her son out of the company. It was at this point they started to lose their direction and purpose.
I do agree that there will be a string of smaller companies like this going out of business. Its a really good time to be a part of a larger umbrella company, one with a lot of cash in the bank!

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