Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brand Review - Jaquet Droz

Pierre Jaquet Droz (1721-1790), creator of watches, clocks and automatons (automated miniatures based off complicated movements). He built some of the most beautiful watch mechanisms of his time. His work was commissioned by the wealthiest of his time including Queen Marie Antoinette. Some consider his works as the first computer. He was also the first watchmaker to establish an organized watch manufacturing factory in Geneva, Switzerland.

Today, through the use of exotic materials such as ceramic, gold, and handmade enamels, those complications are still being interpeted today along with some of the most beautiful case and dial designs. From the Grande Seconde with it's highly reliable self-winding double-barrel mechanical movement.and large second hand sub-dial. To the Les Deux Fuseaux 18k WG w/ multi-function Aventurine dial - a limited edition of 8 pieces.

Of course, the cost of these works of art does not come cheap. Jaquet Droz timepieces start at around $12,000.USD and sky rocket from there. They are one of, if not the most luxurious collection in the Swiss based - SwatchGroup which purchased Droz in 2004. There are no celebrities that endorse the brand. They don't offer up scantily clad supermodels in glamorous full color ads (unfortunately for us). They simply rely on what got them to where they are today - fine craftsmanship, superior materials, and premiere design.

With only a few dozen authorized Jaquet Droz dealers in the World, you may be hard pressed to ever see one in person. If you get the chance, take the time to immerse yourself in what may be the most beautifuly constructed timepiece, ever.